Course 4 – Plan for course 5 Final Project

For my course 5 project, I plan to redesign the unit of Inquiry ‘How we Express Ourselves’ as it is the next unit that we will start inquiring into after the Christmas holidays. This is an interesting choice for me as I redesigned this unit at the beginning of the course. Now when I think about the unit I look at it from a very different perspective. The fact that the lines of inquiry for the unit have changed slightly has less to do with it than my way of looking at the unit as I integrate ISTE standards into my planning more as a result of my learnings with COETAIL. I want to push myself and my students to the next level.

As I redesign this unit with a focus on more creative communication, global collaboration, and digital citizenship, I have to be careful not to be driven by these only. I need to make sure that the unit is designed carefully so that it is still true to the philosophy of our teaching and learning in an inquiry based curriculum taught through play. I need to ensure that I listen to the children deeply and facilitate their inquiry. It has to be crafted carefully with deep thought and with room for flexibility to change if and when the children lead the inquiry in a different direction.

As I will design a unit with 3 ISTE standards in mind, the children need to inquire into the concepts of safety and responsibility from different perspectives, along with the other concepts that they will inquire into for the unit. Is this too much? When I carefully look at the unit, the 3 ISTE standards fit really well into the unit of inquiry. This just takes the learning to a higher level.

One comment to “Course 4 – Plan for course 5 Final Project”
One comment to “Course 4 – Plan for course 5 Final Project”

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